Functional Nutrition is a nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring prope

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Stomach Restorative Discovery

The Fabulous Over 50!: 

                      A 90 Day Stomach Restorative Discovery Session...


Join me if you are experiencing: 

bloated stomach/gassy,

fatigue, headache, 

stomach pain, 

chronic constipation, 

Chronic muscle tightness.

burning in the throat at is not relieved by antacid...

You are ready to put a stop to these pain...

Take out the guess work with lab testing......

You will experience: 

- Reduce tummy bloat and be able to button up your pants. 

- More energy to enjoy your time with your family.  

- Know which foods are causing your stomach bloat

- Know if there is any opportunistic organisms in your gut that is causing you pain...

- Get proper functional nutrition lab testing that will help you identify which food/foods is causing the swelling reaction...

Bonus: One functional nutrition Food Sensitivity LAB TESTING

What Causes Gastrointestinal problems?



-Psychological factors

How do stress, depression or psychological factors affect digestive health?

-Stress especially causes digestion to slow down leading to food sitting too long in the stomach...

- it leads to increase or decrease movement or contraction of the gastrointestinal tract (constipation or diarrhea)

-Cause inflammation of abdominal swelling or water retention

-A person then become susceptibility to gut infection...


Do you wake up in the morning with a gnawing sensation in your stomach?

Do you ever feel like, your food sits too long in your stomach and just not moving through?

Have you ever taken over-the-counter drug for indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux or any upper GI discomfort (stomach pain) and you are still experiencing the same old discomfort?

If you answer a yes to any of the questions, then I can help you using functional nutrition care and bodywork.


Functional Nutrition is a nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body. 

And this is system based where we look at what is going on within each system or organ in the body and coaching that provide a system, support and accountability, in order to make the necessary changes that would result in lasting habit change as you make nutritional adjustment.  

You will experience support going through your medical diagnosis proceedings for treatment, you will have a system in place that will help you navigate the process and you will have an accountability partner - someone that will kick your butt, so that you get the result that you want.

Why Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a system based approach where system meets physiology.  What this means is, we look at those other factors other than food that is causing you pain or prevent your organs and tissues from healing.

As a bodywork expert, the health of the physical body - organs and tissues - liver, kidney, heart, fascia, fatty  cells and layer - are very important part of nutrition that I pay particular attention to because these organs and tissues are soft tissue or muscles too.  For example, Inflammation or swelling (fascia) does not completely resolve without the drainage partway being open (Manual Lymphatic Drainage).


---Do you say to yourself "No matter what I do I can't seem to get better"  Well, look at functional nutrition to help you get to the root cause. Or:

---If you are inspired to change your current lifestyle habit because you have been given a diagnosis or prognosis that something bad is coming if you keep going about your current lifestyle.

---you have witnessed a loved one or a family member's health get jeopardized and you want to do everything you can to ensure that you do not go on the same journey and you are not sure where to start and save cost.m

 What is the Functional Nutrition Approach?  

The functional nutrition approach focuses at helping you look at your bloated and painful stomach. What is causing your body continuous pain and what is preventing it from healing. 

We take a: 

-Comprehensive medical history to evaluate what is going on in the body systems

-At your medication (we liaise with your doctor) and supplement history  

-We review your lifestyle, exercise and diet for any food sensitivity or allergy

-Review conventional lab results or 

Order functional nutrition stool test or food sensitivity lab test.


With over 13 years experience as a licensed bodywork therapist, It will be an honor to support you through the whole process.


You can call me, message me or schedule a 10 minutes free consultation to see if I will be a good fit to serve your needs or if you will be a good fit for me.

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Quality Nutritional Supplements

quality supplements

Some of you have asked me about which supplement brands I use and recommend.  You can find some of the brands I use here.  If you want supplements tailored to your digestive need, I will need to do an evaluation first.  In the main time, enjoy shopping for quality supplements here and get 20% manufacturer's discount,

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