Health Coaching

When I tell people that I am a health coach I often get this reply "I don't need a health coach." And they are right!  because they have a financial / money issue, relationship/family issue, or they are not sure about their future/potential. I am not trained or qualified to help them resolve any of those issues. 

However, as a health coach, I work with you to

- set you up for inevitable success

-help you discover what to eat to get the most energy for your unique body

-help you turn healthy habits into behaviors that last

-and you will have more energy

With more energy, the world becomes less hostile and possibilities become endless.

-you will have the energy to address money issues

-hire me for more coaching sessions, buy a new wardrobe, increase strength, confidence…

-have the energy to play with your children, create satisfaction in all relationship

-re-invent, re-structure yourself and anything else you desire.

A health coach support and help you to see the world through a set of fresh eyes.  I am someone who stretches you to achieve goals you never thought was possible. Help you find what is right for your unique body.  Help you build healthy habits that aligned with how you want to feel every day. The best gift you could ever give your body, mind, and spirit is knowing you have someone who helps you see the difference between knowing something and doing it.