Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Myoskeletal alignment technique provides optimum balance to the body’s muscles and joints.  This therapy affects deep tissues in a unique way that restore joints, muscle and fascia movement without the usual deep tissue pain.

I am a certified myoskeletal alignment  therapist.  I use Erik Dalton techniques that include stretching, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, or orthopedic massage and sport massage techniques.  And also, the myoskeletal movement provide consistent and long lasting results.  

With years of experience and success in using myoskeletal alignment therapy ensures you are in great hands. It is highly effective for people suffering from mild to severe back pain and neck pain.

It is effective in addressing the issues like:



Rib dysfunction

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Rotator cuff injuries 

This therapy is excellent for sports enthusiasts and tissue rehabilitation. 

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