Massage to reduce pain and swelling after any surgery

Scar Tissue Therapy

Scar Tissue Therapy

Scar tissue release is integral to the proper functioning of the body especially after any surgery or injury and I am skilled in scar tissue work. This awesome therapy is different from myofascial release therapy.

What is Scar tissue and adhesion? 

Scar tissues is a natural healing process and it forms after an injury or cut, such as surgery, to connective tissues anywhere in/on the body.  While adhesions are often restriction in the tissue without any injury or trauma like surgery.  These scar tissues or adhesion are often forgotten after the wound or surgical cut area has healed. 

If you are experiencing pain that is difficult to isolate or that pain that is not resolved after several bodywork treatment.  Stop by and let us isolate the root cause of the pain. Allow yourself several treatments.   

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This is a specialized massage therapy specific for burns, any surgery such as hysterectomy, bariatric, spinal, ovarian,  heart surgery, etc.