Therapeutic Reflexology in Falls Church

Reflexologist believes the feet, hand, ear, or cranium has reflex areas that are a mirror image of the entire body.  Reflexology therapy is a unique technique that has been in used  

for thousands of years to bring relief to many people.   Reflexology stimulates energy flow by encouraging movement thereby bringing renewed energy, power and passion to your life!

Where would you be without your feet?   If you say "my feet are killing me",  yes, it is time to stop and let a certified reflexologist who is specialized in the Chinese Meridian and 5-Elements work the feet to prevent imbalance in the corresponding body part. 

I am a certified reflexologist in Falls Church,  I usually focus on vital points and organs, like internal organs and glands as well as muscle groups, bones, nerve ganglions (solar plexus, brachial plexus) and nerves (sciatic), during a session.  I use the feet to guide me on what is going on in the body too.  Depending on your need the number of the session may vary.  

Health Essence Clinical Massage offers reflexology therapy in Falls Church. We use reflexology and the Chinese Meridian therapy to help bring physical and mental peace to you.

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