Clinical Massage Therapy and Functional nutrition for 40+ in Falls Church, VA, and the DMV area. Choose from our Virtual or In-person visits for personalized care.


Connective tissue Revive...

Holistic nutrition and therapeutic massage for busy individuals 40+ in Falls Church and the DMV. Choose from our virtual or in-person visits for personalized care.


Transform Your Body: Make Food Work for You

Make Integrative Clinical Massage Therapy Work for You

Welcome to HECM Wellness!

We all know proper health goes beyond just eating fruits and vegetables. However, knowing where to start or how to stay on course can be challenging. That's why HECM Wellness makes it effortless for individuals over 40 who struggle with morning stiffness, bone aches, joint pain, headaches, and migraines to nourish their connective tissue the right way.

Our massage practice focuses on helping clients easily improve body movement, understand body restrictions, and nourish the tissue correctly without giving up too much of what they love. At HECM Wellness, we believe in gradual progress toward a pain-free, vibrant life. With our expert care, you’ll have a clear path forward, instilling confidence and trust in your wellness journey.

Who We Serve...

Helping You Feel Better Every Day

Do you have cold hands and feet, feel tired all the time, or struggle with tight muscles? Maybe you’re dealing with unexplained back, shoulder, or knee pain that’s getting worse. If you have conditions like fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, or auto injuries, we’re here to help.

At HECM, we offer specialized integrative massage and bodywork solutions for chronic pain management. Our advanced therapeutic massage techniques include deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation. These methods effectively address nerve pain, inflammation, and tight muscle relief.

For some clients, we meticulously review annual lab work to identify any deficiencies affecting connective tissue health. Based on this, we design personalized functional wellness plans to kickstart the healing process.

Ready to feel better? Contact us today to start your journey to better health and well-being.

For functional nutrition structural support, we provide virtual one-on-one sessions, allowing us to focus solely on you. However, the bodywork session is an in-person service at our location in Falls Church, VA.

Imagine reconnecting with your loved ones, managing stress more effectively, and enjoying active hobbies with your spouse or partner. Picture yourself achieving a healthy work-life balance, staying healthy for your family, and meeting friends for a drink without guilt. You can have all this on your terms because you're in control. Let’s make it happen together.

If you dream of a simple transformation that will help you have the life you desire, contact us.


What Could Be Holding You Back?

Are you thinking, "I’m too old to start making changes"? Maybe you believe you don’t have the time or feel discouraged because you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for your condition. Perhaps the cost of testing seems too high, or you worry it will interrupt your other commitments. You might not like group programs or feel uncomfortable with online ones.

While these concerns are valid, understand that...


"Connective tissues are INTER-STATE of the body. Strengthening them enhances flexibility, supports organ alignment, improves circulation and hormone function, all essential for robust connective tissue health."

Believe it. Let's be your last stop for what is holding you back from the life you desire.

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Get Your Energy and Vitality Back

Are you wondering, "How can I regain my vitality if exercise isn't for me?"

You might be dealing with constant joint aches, sleepless nights, and overwhelming exhaustion. Your joints are swollen, and your energy levels are at an all-time low.

What you truly want is to stop your legs from cramping at night, prevent your body pain from worsening, and have the energy to play with your spouse or kids. You long for restful sleep, relief from the nagging pain between your shoulder blades, and the ability to wear your shoes without pain.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, moving without discomfort, and having the energy to enjoy life again. Let us help you achieve that vitality and well-being you've been missing.


If this is you, we've got your back! You don't have to go through your pain alone. We promise not to sound like your wife or your mother. We make it simple for you to find lasting success.

Why our approach is different...

Genetically, we are all not built to run, jog, or muscle train all day. Some of us can't eat those foods we love to eat, while some of us have past injuries that unknowingly prevent us from moving as advised. We help you remove what causes your body's connective tissue to shrink, harden, or remain constantly in pain.


We provide:

  • Nutritional Support: We uncover what's sabotaging your efforts to manage your heart health to connective tissue vitality.
  • Personalized approach: Guided by lab testing as no one-size-fits-all approach. So, you develop a powerful vision of how transforming your health can improve your condition, happiness, and quality of life.
  • Partnership: We discover which foods and lifestyle habits can help improve what is sapping your heart health to connective tissue vitality.
  • Tools and Support: we give you the tools you need to address internal and external stress.
  • Bodywork: Manually remove and educate you on Rebalancing your connective tissue health.
  • Clarity: You'll get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to improve your heart health to connective tissue vitality.

You'll be empowered to go on that bike ride with your spouse and kids in 120 Days.

Guess What!

If you're new to the world of holistic health care... You actually have a Hidden Advantage that can help give you peace of mind WAY faster and easier.

In 4 Short -Steps: 

01: Emphasis On You

First, you will have a one-on-one, seamless, feel-good conversation with Esi, our lead practitioner.

02: Set The Stages For Success

You will receive a massage, bodywork, and/or a personalized health appraisal, as well as a lab-work appraisal, so you do not go into this journey shooting in the dark.

03: Create A No-Brainer Roadmap

You will create a HECK-YES roadmap that will set you up from the start and will be easy for you to act upon.

04: Walk With You All The Way

We'll check in with you and provide simple tools and support to ensure your success so you are never alone.

So, get ready to be an extraordinary person for yourself and your family.

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Meet Your Integrative Licensed Massage Therapist


Hi, I'm Esi!

As an integrative licensed massage therapist at HECM Wellness, I'm often the first person you'll meet.

Many of my clients feel something is off in their bodies, even if they're not sick. This was my experience in 2003, and I've been on this journey ever since.

I've been a wellness practitioner since 2006 and a licensed massage therapist since 2013. I've touched countless bodies, understanding that organs, bones, muscles, and joints often need more support than massage alone can provide.

Listening to my clients' concerns has shaped my approach, blending massage therapy with functional nutrition to address your unique needs. I love this work and am dedicated to helping you achieve optimal wellness.


With my skills and experience, I am not just a service provider but a dedicated member of your healthcare team, committed to supporting your well-being. I am here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, and I will work tirelessly to ensure you reach your optimal wellness.




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Our Holistic Approach: Body Pain Transformation for Vitality

Cell Appraisal

We believe the body's overall health gradually improves when we fix the cells.

HECM is part of an ongoing DBA/LBA research team that appraises cell health.

Therapeutic Massage

Clinicalcare Massage

Therapeutic massage at HECM Wellness is a session tailored to your unique self and need at the time of the session. Your session could include deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, sports massage, Cranial therapy, myofascial release therapy, and visceral manipulation.

Advance Massage and Bodywork

Advance Massage and Bodywork

Self-care nutrition should be accompanied by visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, Scar tissue release, and reflexology. These highly specialized bodywork techniques help reposition vital organs and rebalance the nervous system to support self-care efforts.

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

You know when you feel good and when you don't. Waiting until you feel really bad can be more costly, so why wait? Functional nutrition focuses on providing the nourishment your body needs and the bodywork to release any restrictions preventing healing.

Renew & Thrive Coaching

When exercising and dieting do not improve your energy level, we bring in the big guns: optimizing your body for performance and the support you need to succeed once and for all.

Why Would You Need Our Coach...?

Functional Nutrition Care


As Your Healthcare Team Member...We bridge the gap between your doctor's advice and what it means for you, guiding you to the best course of action. Acting as your private thinking partner, we help you make informed decisions based on your diagnosis, and we are with you every step of the way to achieve your health goals.

We provide:

- A Roadmap to Success
- Tools for Success
- Support for Success
- Assistance with lab work

We coordinate with your holistic doctor, or ours, for any necessary lab work and offer text or email support. We make it easy for you to know where and how to start optimizing your health.

Holistic Wellness Perspective


Many people don't realize that...intense exercise doesn’t always yield immediate results and can sometimes lead to more stress and injury. That’s just how our bodies work.

We offer:

- A practitioner who truly sees and hears your pain.
- Someone who listens and takes the time to understand you.
- Guide you on your next steps.
- A dedicated coach to cheer you on to success.

You deserve more than a quick 15-minute visit because you deserve to be heard. You’ve worked hard to build your family, but sometimes it’s hard to see the best path forward.

We're here to provide a non-judgmental perspective on what's happening with you, ensuring you feel reassured and confident in our service.

Personalized Supplement Support

Ever heard of a tailor-made suit? Well, consider our supplement protocols tailor-made for your body's needs.

We're not about the one-size-fits-all thing; we mix and match to fill in what's missing, kick-start your healing tissues, and get you feeling your best.

The support you receive will leave you:

  • Feeling revitalized with renewed energy and spirit for a long time.
  • You will tap into that desire for an accomplished life with wisdom, memories, and a healthy lifestyle.
A person is holding a phone and measuring tape.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

You'll hear from folks like Sarah, Jason, and Emily, who went from "ugh" to "heck yeah!" after working with us. We've had many wins and have helped revitalize the health of clients, especially male clients.

At HECM, it's not just about the massages and foods (though they're great!). We're all about seeing you thrive well into life with ease.

“Before discovering HECM, I had resigned myself to a life filled with chronic pain. But after just a few sessions of deep tissue massage and personalized nutrition guidance, my pain levels have significantly decreased, and I feel like I have my life back. The care and expertise provided by the team at HECM have truly been life-changing."
-Sarah M.

"I had tried numerous therapies and treatments for my fibromyalgia, but nothing seemed to bring long-lasting relief. That is until I found HECM. The combination of craniosacral therapy and integrative nutrition support has been a game-changer for me. My pain has decreased, my energy levels have improved, and I finally have hope for a pain-free future."
- Jason R.

Health Coach

Meet Kathy

Kathy is a rebel health coach. Kathy knows what it takes to bring up healthy men and she helps her clients see the bigger picture of life and how to grow up strong as a man.

Kathy's healing journey began many years ago with her health and watching her family endure various health issues. Kathy's deep dive into holistic care became her earnest desire to help others seek the health within. She enjoys playing and laughing with her grandkids.

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Kathy's approach is to look at the body functionally and seek out the root cause of illness. Her interest is helping men build their immune systems for a healthy retirement. 

• Certified Health Coach (CHC) 2019

• Certified Life Coach 2020

• Functional Nutrition Counselor 2023 - Current

Struggle with where to start?

Ready to start hiking with your spouse or partner again? Our unique massage, bodywork, and/or nutritional care have restored vitality to many, and we’d love for you to be next. Ready to take that leap?

 Just reach out to us for a chat or schedule your Clinicalcare massage here.

Or! Use the form below to request a copy of "The Roadmap to Connective Tissue Health for Vitality" cheatsheet so you can start your journey to renew and thrive with energy.

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