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Massage Care

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

Receive massage therapy care that is tailored to your unique need, either for relaxation, injury or surgery rehabilitation, and general wellness. Each massage session includes:

Myoskeletal Alignment

Lymphatic Drainage 

Scar Tissue Massage

Myofascia Release Therapy

What food is right for me

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

I work with women struggling with digestive (gastrointestinal) problems. I help them lose painful belly bloat, without surgeries, no crazy diet or tons of medications... 

Functional Nutrition is nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring the proper physiological functioning of the body

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In-home WELLNESS Care

Functional Nutrition Digestive Care

In-home WELLNESS Care

I am like a personal coach, except I provide therapeutic massage therapy and functional nutrition coaching in the comfort of your home... 

This is an all-inclusive in-home or in-practice Functional Nutrition Health Coaching and Massage Session


Your Therapist

I am a licensed massage therapist. I provide structural restorati work to men and women with digestive problems in order to lose belly, so that they can effectively address any health diagnosis.  The work include therapeutic massage therapy, functional nutrition, and wellness.  

Intuitive Hands

With years of personal experience and training from doctors all over the world, I work intuitively and safely with my clients to support their health. Using massage therapy and functional nutrition for general wellness

HECM Mission

  My mission is to deliver with trust and respect the highest quality massage therapy, functional nutrition coaching for  general wellness that is personalized for you.

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Feel free to contact me (Health Essence Clinical Massage) with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment for massage therapy, functional nutrition and general wellness . 

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