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HECM provides specialized massage therapy in Falls Church!

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Your Therapist

My name is Esi, I am a licensed massage therapist.  I help people clinically produce changes in their pain level, so that they feel great and enjoy their life.

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Intuitive Hands

 With years of personal experience and training from doctors all over the world, I work intuitively and safely with my clients to support their health. 

HECM Mission

  My mission is to deliver with trust and respect the highest quality healthcare that is personalized for each client.

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Fertility Massage

Female fertility start when we are born, how is your abdominal and reproductive health?

Fertility Massage or reproductive health massage is a specialized bodywork that helps improve the functions of the womb/uterus, cervix and increase the chances of pregnancy.  


It also aid gastro- intestinal function by improving stomach, colon and liver detoxification.


Medical Massage

This Massage is tailored to your need, please talk to me during the session to better serve you.

Medical massage / Myoskeletal Alignment massage is an integrative bodywork that incorporate several different massage modalities to complement any medical condition.

 If you are looking for any type of bodywork to facilitate your physical therapy work, book a session now

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Oncology Massage

Receive specialized oncology massage during or after oncology treatment.

Oncology massage is a specialized gently massage that is focused at easing the discomfort - nausea, fatigue of medical oncology treatment.....

If having a Swedish massage is painful, this massage is for you.

Functional Nutrition Therapy

Find a nutrition therapist in Falls Church, VA.

Functional Nutrition therapy is the educational part of Functional Medicine.  Are you ready to understand how to help your body work with your food?.

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Functional Bodywork

A healthy body is a fine dance between nutrition and bodywork and it is the flame that burns within.

Have you ever said " I eat a balance diet" and asked the question "what has my leg cramp got to do with my thyroid?" 

Come receive a bodywork and nutrition that is tailored to your unique self.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Swelling or inflammation in and around joint causes joint pain and reduce joint movement.  Manual lymphatic drainage is focused at reducing that swelling.  

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HECM is a small practice.  I listen to my client and their tissue needs and use the best technique.

Medical Massage

Each session would include: Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Stretches.  Use this link to book other sessions such as craniosacral therapy, myofascial release therapy, reflexology, myoskeletal alignment therapy,   

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Fertility Massage

Each session includes Craniosacral therapy, endocrine reflexology and massage with castor oil pack.  This therapy is also a useful support for Hormonal imbalances, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Scar Tissue Adhesion, Pelvic Congestion, fibroids, etc....

Only available as a package session.

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Oncology Massage

Receiving a massage from a specialized oncology massage therapist like myself would make a world of difference to you or your loved one undergoing or after oncology treatment.  If you have question about massage for oncology patience, call me.

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Functional Nutrition Therapy

Are you eating fresh food and taking supplements, but not seeing the benefits?  Lets work together.

Functional nutrition is simply looking at what you are doing in your daily lifestyle that  prevents the body from healing.  It is also about you understand how the body works/function so that you can be the detective of your pain or concern and take back control of your health.


Functional Bodywork

We take a deep dive

1.  Into your current life situation, spiritual and cultural beliefs etc....

2.  We answer question such as, "what has my leg cramp got to do with my thyroid?"

3. You will understand how the body function, be your own detective and thereby take control of your life.  

4. Include Detoxification Massage 

Benefit include:

· Increase energy, · Improve sleep

· Understand your body systems 

· Strong Immune system

· Improve digestion for blood sugar and hormonal balance and much more...

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle type of bodywork that focuses at manually draining excess fluid from soft tissues and joints.

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