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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by to get a glimpse of my story. 😊

Imagine being a kiddo in Africa during the '60s. Health care? Not the fancy stuff we're used to in the U.S. I vividly remember my granddad battling the nasty side of diabetes. He had wounds that stopped him from walking or munching on his favorite foods. Watching him suffer like that... Man, no one should have to go through that. That's when I decided to follow in my mom's footsteps and the legacy of the strong women before her - to be a healer.

Childhood was wild. Running in the rain, splashing in muddy waters with my brothers and sisters, not caring about what I chowed down or those little aches and critters in my stomach.

Flash forward to 1996. I had a rough car accident, and let's skip the sob story: it left me with gnarly headaches and severe neck and shoulder pain. I was popping 1000mg Aleve like candy until a buddy of mine gave me the real talk: "You're wrecking your stomach with those." Yup, that was my wake-up call.

Now that I'm rocking my 50s, I kind of wish there was a rewind button. My plate's now filled with foods that do right by me. But guess what? I discovered some uninvited guests in my system, especially those pesky parasites, stealing all my good vibes. Kicking them out has seriously changed the game for me.

It's been one heck of a ride, but guess what? I'm here to spill the beans and give you the inside track, so you skip the pain and take the express lane to feeling fab.

My team and I can support you. 

Hey there! Meet Esi, your not-so-typical massage therapist who's got your back (literally and figuratively) when it comes to feeling fab from head to toe. Ever felt like you're ticking all the right health boxes, but something's still off? It's like there's a piece of the wellness puzzle you're missing?

So, picture this: a pal suggests you see one of those fancy functional medicine docs. You're all in until you peek at the price tag – yikes, right? Now, you're diving deep into the world of lab tests but need someone to make sense of all the science jargon. Ta-da! That's where I come in.

You might be thinking, "Why a massage therapist?" Well, here's the scoop: besides having mad massage skills, I've got the smarts to weave in genetics, stool tests, food sensitivity info, and that all-important general blood test - CBC with differential results. And yeah, I mix all that up with some top-notch bodywork, Muscle Testing, and soon-to-come - Live Blood Testing (DIY) to get you feeling like your best self. We're on a mission to ensure every part of you is vibing right.

At the end of the day, it's all about getting you on the road to peak body performance. And hey, if I can't help? No sweat! I've got a crew of experts I can point you towards. Let's get you feeling like a rockstar, shall we?

10 Foods for managing fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Hey, have you met Esi? She's not just your regular massage therapist; she's a wellness wizard. Think of her as your go-to for decoding those mind-boggling lab results and getting your body to play nice using the secrets of functional nutrition and holistic healthcare. Whether it's the magic of reflexology or the science behind your genes and grub, Esi's got the tools to help you figure out what's really going on inside.
And it's not just Esi! We've got this fantastic crew here that's all about making you feel top-notch. Our mantra? If we can't sort you out, we'll point you to the right guru who can. So, how about teaming up for a health glow-up?

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How Did I Get Here

In 2006, while diving deep into therapeutic reflexology in South Africa, I had this lightbulb moment: "Your feet? They're kinda like the body's personal crystal ball." And that idea? It stuck with me ever since.

Fast forward a bit: I'm rocking training from Northern Virginia Community College's (NOVA) clinical massage program and have all the official stamps of approval from the Virginia State Department of Nursing to do my thing with massage and bodywork.

So, when you've got that niggling pain that just won't quit even after a killer massage, I'm your detective to figure out what's really up. Fancy letting me help you sleuth out the sneaky culprit behind that ache? Let's get on it!

Professional Training

Massage and Bodywork:

  • LMT Clinical / Medical Massage Program, Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), VA, 2013.
  • Certificate Personal Trainer Program, NVCC, Annandale Campus, VA, May 2014.

Advanced Massage Training:

  • Certified Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, 2-Year Professional Program, 2006
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Professional, 3-Year Program, June 2012
  • Spinal Reflex Therapy Training - Dr. Frank Jarrell, February 2013
  • Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Specialist - Dr. Eric Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute
  • Posture and Pain Specialist - Costa Rica, December 2013 and February 2014
  • Upper Body Specialist - May 2014
  • Lower Body Specialist - June 2014
  • Posture, Pain, and Performance - Oklahoma City, June 2014
  • Bowenwork Therapy Training, USA - Vicki Mechner, October 2013 – April 2014
  • Certified Pre-Labor & Post-Natal / Pregnancy Massage - Claire Marie Miller Inc., July 2014
  • Myofascial Release Therapy - John Barnes, Oct. 2014 and March 2015
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Dr. C. W. Jordan, May 2015
  • Connective Tissue Massage - John Latz, July 2016
  • Bowenwork Therapy Training, USA - Vicki Mechner, October 2013 – April 2014.
  • Fertility and Pre-Natal Massage - Claire Marie Miller Inc., June 2018
  • Metamorphosis - Cindy Silverlock, May 2017
  • Oncology Massage - Tracy Walton & Associate, June 2018
  • Scar Tissue - Brooks Seminars, June, July, and September 2019
  • Visceral Manipulation - The Barral Institute, January 2020–2021

Functional Nutrition Training:

  • Nutrition Therapy - Nutrition Therapy Association, Nov 2016
  • Functional Nutrition - Andrea Nakayama, December 2017
  • Oncology Nutrition - Dr. Nalini Chiokow, July 2018
  • Restorative Digestive Health-Care - RWP, October 2019
  • Restorative Adrenal and Hormone Health-Care - RWP, January 2020
  • Restorative Blood Chemistry Analysis Health-Care - RWS, December 2020
  • Restorative Final Level 4 The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery 2022

Transformation Coach Training:

  • Health Coach Institute, TCM Mastery, October 2018 – May 2020
  • Empowerment Training-MER, June/November 2020
  • Coaching Institute, 2020
  • Muscle Testing, 2023


  • Virginia State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • Licensed and Insured
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What Do You Get Working With Me?

Imagine kicking back without that pesky shoulder blade pain nagging you or finally catching those Zzzzs without a hitch. Heck, even chasing the grandkids around without needing a timeout. Sounds like a dream, right? Let's turn it into your every day and get you living your best life worry-free!