Functional Nutrition


This is a follow up nutritional conversation and a 60 minutes Specific Massage for detoxification. The massage could be reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, biodynamic craniosacral therapy or massage.

Functional Nutrition, Detox massage & RESTART® One-on-One session.


 You will get : 

  • All of Functional Nutrition Plus
  • 5/ one-on-one RESTART® sessions

(60 minutes session per week). You will discover the root cause of your ailment, detox, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and blood pressure in a 5-week program using whole food, and supplements if you want. 

You will drop a dress size and make your family proud.

FREE 1 / 90  minutes and 1/ 60 minutes detoxification massage

Lymphatic drainage and reflexology

Free 15 minutes consult