Meet Our Practitioners


Esi is a Wellness coach and a seasoned licensed massage therapist who believes there's more to why injury or surgery is not healing as intended. Her journey through dealing with several whiplash auto injuries and painkillers set her on the path to finding a resolution to connective tissue pain.

With her background as a food technologist and a passion for moving the body into alignment to reduce pain, Esi dives into the world of holistic care. She brings functional nutrition testing to take out the guesswork, helping her clients find the easiest, best, and cheapest means to feel fabulous again.

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Esi's approach is to optimize connective tissue - muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints - the body's transportation infrastructure so nutrients and waste can move easily to support your effort in feeling well again.

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Kathy is a rebel health coach that helps her clients see the bigger picture of life and its effects on health. Her healing journey began many years ago with her health and watching her family endure various health issues. Kathy's deep dive into holistic care became her earnest desire to help others seek the health within to continue their journeys into good health and enjoy playing and laughing with their families.

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Kathy's approach is to look at the body functionally and seek out the root cause of illness. Her interest is building the immune system by supporting and improving the gut microbiome. 

• Certified Health Coach (CHC)  2019
Health Coach Institute

• Certified Life Coach  2020
Health Coach Institute

• Functional Nutrition Counselor 2023 - current

• Functional Nutrition Alliance