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Massage/Bodywork Price List

90 Minutes
The price quoted is for a single session only. There is a $10 surcharge for any additional therapy to your session.

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Intuitive/Energy Massage/Bodywork Session

This is a therapist-guided session. I used different modalities that include craniosacral therapy, myofascial release therapy, deep tissue massage, and whatever skill that is necessary based on the guidance I received.

90-Minute Session Price
This is a 90-minute, therapist-guided intuitive massage session.
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120-Minute Session
This is a 120-minute, therapist-guided intuitive massage and bodywork price session.
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Add-On Therapy/Time
There is a $10 charge for any additional massage or bodywork therapy to your session and a $40 price charge for additional 30 minutes to your session.
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Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain Restoration
What else is causing me not to get well?

How To Get A Free 60-Minute Massage

You know by now that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is not it. There are three other areas sabotaging your health and preventing you from getting well.

  1. Quality of your food
  2. The state of your internal systems
  3. What else is going on in there

Address these three areas, and you are on your way to getting well. HECM Wellness is here to bring that glitter back to your life.

Only Available for First-Time Nutrition Clients

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The Fabulous Over 50! A 90-Day Total-Body Discovery Session
You know what they say about the body. "Once your reach 50, the body starts falling apart." Yours doesn't have to.

Learn About the 5 Secrets to Living a Healthy Life Beyond 50!!