A man with his hands on the back of his lower abdomen.

Back Pain Relief Technique Tips You Should Know……………..

By Esi House, LMT, Structural Nutrition Practitioner

Knowledge’s key: Read through this article if you suffer from back pain and are looking for ways to reduce the pain, this article will give you information, tips, and tricks, on how you can adjust your lifestyle to prevent further pain. Read through and see which changes you can adopt right now so that you can begin to reduce your back pain. Don’t forget, to take note of the exact cause of the back pain.

Don’t wait for the pain to go away: Some pain quickly goes away as soon as they come and that could be just it. Other pain could be the warning or the start of a long painful process. Although you’ve heard that not all pain you take to your doctor, doctors are trained to access when simple back pain can be a result of something else. You may want to put in your schedule regular checkups with your doctor, annual or biannually, to save you a lot of headaches and expenses in the long run. Don’t be a stranger, visit your doctor if necessary, don’t wait for the pain to disappear.

Good quality sleep: take my words for it, I know how much you want to meet that deadline. We stay up till the wee hours of the morning, catch up on only 4-5 hours of sleep and make up the rest with a nice cup of coffee to keep the body awake. Don’t forget that sleep is a must for when there is an injury. The body repairs and reset when you’re relaxed and the energy is focused on healing. Remember, sleep’s as important as a medicine when you are experiencing chronic back pain.

Stretches and Flexibility: I’m sure you have noticed how good it feels when you stretch. The back pain relief technique starts with flexibility. Flexibility exercises when done right can go a long way to relieve back pain and if done consistently could rid of the back pain. We have come to learn more about the Eastern techniques of stretches such as yoga. It is a good idea to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Talk to your doctor first to make sure this’s best for you at this time to improve or prevent back pain. If it is, try to stretch a bit toward the pain or away from the pain. Don’t push the body to “no pain no gainâ€, sometimes this could be bad news.

Too much sitting compresses: With lower back pain, too much sitting compresses the disc of the spine in your tummy area and stretches the back. A compressed spine in the stomach area pushes out the spine backward and this is not good over a long time. Try standing and stretching at intervals. You could also use a lumbar cushion or take short frequent walks

Standing for a long time: As with too much sitting, too much standing for a long time can also cause strain on the back which could lead to a back injury. If you have a job that causes you to stand for long times, take short breaks, stoop down with your, but- down -knee -up, aka swat position at intervals. You should also rest with your legs up at the end of your shift.

Too much rest: Resting is good for the back to revitalize the tissues. People mistake rest as relaxation in one position. Too much resting can delay the healing process as it causes a lack of circulation. So, it’s important to gently move the area when necessary or safe to do so.

Simple massage technique: Do you remember, as a kid, your mom rubbing off the pain when you fall down? Massage a pain area usually helps improve circulation and ease the pain. Try to do some gentle stretch if no pain and then massage. Alternatively, massage that muscle area first then apply an alternate between cold or warm compress. You could also use a posture pump or vibrating chair to relax the entire body. Check Amazon, visit the mall for one of those vibrating chairs or visit a massage therapist. You deserve to pamper yourself!

Wear proper footwear: Your gait can be a result of you wearing your best old shoes too often. Occasional use of high heels or flipflops is not often the cause of lower back problems, but prolonged use or prolonged one-time use of ill-fitted shoes can exacerbate bad gait. Wear proper supportive shoes to reduce the chances of making worse back pain.

Maintain a healthy weight: High body weight reading on the scale could be good news and healthy body fat can be beneficial to the entire body. Being overweight can put some strain on the spinal disc resulting in an increased chance of injury. Work with your doctor or nutritional consultant for diet and exercise recommendations to maintain a healthy mass and bone density.

Consult with your doctor to discuss other ways to treat your back pain. For structural nutrition care,visit us at www.hecmwellness.com