Back Pain Relief: 9 Tips You Should Know

A man with his hands on the back of his lower abdomen.

By Esi House, LMT, Structural Nutrition Practitioner Back pain can be a body structural issue based on nutritional imbalance. Or it can result from an accident or a fall, whichever the case, read through this article if you are looking for ways to reduce the pain. This article will give you information, tips, and tricks…

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What is inflammation and why should I know about it?

A glowing blue brain on top of a wall.

What is inflammation and why should I know about it?Functional Nutrition What is brain inflammation? Inflammation in general is commonly referred to as swelling and it is essential to the healing process in the body. A trim level of inflammation in the brain or anywhere else in the body is tolerated. However, when the swelling…

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Boosting Immunity and Managing Autoimmune Symptoms with Massage

A woman getting her abdomen worked on by a masseuse.

Functional Nutrition, Structural Nutrition News Autoimmune is a condition where the immune system attacks itself which could happen anywhere in the body. Autoimmune conditions are caused by many factors within or outside the body. Experts believe mental, emotional, and physical stress can also contribute to the expression of autoimmune symptoms. An autoimmune response could be…

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